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Computer maintenance process steps Raiders

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First, the computer repair steps

The following steps should be followed to repair the computer:
(A) to understand the situation
That is, before the service, communicate with the user, understand the situation before and after the failure to make a preliminary judgment. If you can understand the breakdown as much as possible before and after the situation, will make on-site maintenance efficiency and accuracy of judgments to be improved. Understand the user's failure and technical standards are in conflict.
To the user to understand the situation, should use the second part of the relevant analysis to determine the method of communication with the user. This will not only initially determine the fault location, but also to prepare the appropriate spare parts to help.
(B) the recurrence of failure
That is, in full communication with the user, confirm:
1. Whether the phenomenon of repair by the user exists, and to see the phenomenon of a preliminary judgment to determine the next step of the operation;
2. Is there any other fault present?
(C) to determine, repair
That is to see the fault phenomenon to determine, locate, identify the causes of failure, and repair process. During the course of maintenance, follow the principles, methods, precautions, and contents described in sections 2 and 3 of the following section.
(D) test
1. After maintenance, a test must be performed to confirm that the recovered or found fault is resolved and that the user's computer does not have other visible faults. Computer 整機 normal standards, see "Lenovo desktop computer 整機 inspection norms";
2. Must be in accordance with the "XX Maintenance Inspection Confirmation" list, the whole machine inspection, as far as possible to eliminate the user not found the fault, and promptly ruled out.
Second, the computer maintenance operation precautions
In the course of maintenance, the following provisions shall give rise to practical attention and attention.
(A) in the failure to reproduce the phenomenon, the process of maintenance judgments should be to avoid failure to expand the scope;
(B) in the maintenance, to be checked, check the packing list and configuration;
(C) must be fully communicated with the user. Understand the operation of the user, the failure of the operation carried out, the level of the user to use the computer.
(D) the maintenance of the first to note that observation - observation, observation, and then observe! . .
1. Environment: power environment, other high-power electrical appliances, electricity, magnetic field conditions, machine layout, network hardware environment, temperature and humidity, cleanliness of the environment; Peripheral equipment for the existence of deformation, discoloration, odor and other anomalies;
2. hardware environment: the chassis cleanliness, temperature and humidity, jumper on the chanting settings, color, shape, smell, etc., or whether the connection between the equipment is correct; whether the wrong or wrong, missing needle / Broken needle and other phenomena; users install the machine connected to the machine and all other equipment may be related to the operation of other hardware facilities;
3. Software environment:
A. What kind of software is loaded in the system, whether they conflict with other hardware and software or does not match;
B. In addition to standard software and settings, to observe the equipment, motherboards and systems drivers, patches are installed, is appropriate; to deal with the failure is recognized as the industry's BUG or compatibility issues; other users to install the application and configuration is it suitable; 
4. Power up the process of observation: the temperature components, odor, smoke, etc .; system time is correct;
5. Disassembly and recitation of the observation when reading: to have a good record of the original habit of reading Ning, and careful observation of the composition of the device on the shape, color, the original installation status, etc.;
6. Observe the user's operating procedures and habits, and whether to meet the requirements and so on.
(E) before the repair, if the dust more, or suspected to be caused by dust, should first dust
(F) for their unfamiliar applications or equipment, should be carefully read the user manual or other relevant documents before hands-on operation.
(7) usually pay more attention to through the "technical through train", "Engineering Information Bulletin" issued by the technical information and other engineers experience to accumulate their experience and improve the level of maintenance.
(8) prohibit maintenance engineers to install the ground for the user. If the user wants to install the ground wire, please contact the official electrician for its installation.
(9) If you want to pass the comparative method, the replacement method for fault diagnosis, you should first obtain the consent of the user.
(10) In the course of carrying out maintenance judgment, if it is possible to affect the data stored by the user, it is necessary to make backup or protection measures and obtain the consent of the user before proceeding.
(11) When a large number of similar failures (not only may be judged as a batch failure), be sure to the surrounding environment, connected equipment, as well as the failure to recite Ning related to other chanting or equipment seriously Of the inspection and records to identify the root cause of failure.
(XII) treatment of random fault ideas. Random failure refers to: Random crash, random error, random instability. For this type of fault handling ideas should be:
1. Prudent for hardware, especially when on-site service. Be sure to fully hardware debugging and observation, in a certain analysis based on the hardware replacement. If you are not sure, it is best to perform a hardware replacement in the depot.
2. To adjust the software-based. Adjustment of the content are:
1) set the BIOS to the factory state (note the location of the BIOS switch)
2) killing the virus
3) Adjust the power management
4) adjust the system operating environment
5) If necessary, do disk defragmentation, including disk defragmentation, useless file cleanup and media inspection (Note that the disk partition should be checked in the normal and the partition in the case of free space enough).
6) Confirm whether there is any hardware or software installed by the user, and confirm the integrity / compatibility of the function.
7) compared with the machine without failure, contrast. One way to do this is to insert the fault-tolerant machine (including the software) one by one on the same trouble-free machine that configures the same machine as the faulty machine, to see the changes in the fail-free machine, Ning, the fault-free machine appeared with the failure of the machine is similar to the phenomenon, can be sentenced to chanting Ning fault. Note that this way of comparison, should be done thoroughly to prevent leakage may have two kinds of recovery caused by the same fault.

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