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Analysis on Precautions before Installation of Aut

Published:2016-11-15 16:45:00Click to rate:


Punch automation equipment manipulator is only one of the products in the automation of precision punching machine, in fact, a reasonable precision punch press equipment and punch supporting the use of peripheral automation equipment, can achieve production automation and improve production efficiency.

In terms of the automation stamping equipment of Shore Machinery, the precision punching machine can be combined with punching material frame, leveling machine, feeding machine, receiving machine, photoelectric protection device, bottom dead microcomputer detector, , Manipulators and other peripheral equipment, such as a full set of installation automation is quite powerful, different production needs can be noted in the actual situation to choose the appropriate automation equipment. Today we introduce the punch press robot.

Most of the customers may be more concerned about which presses are suitable for the installation of the robot? Shore Machinery has consulted the robot manufacturers on this issue, the basic answer is that all presses can be installed. However, different presses, installation costs and production efficiency is not the same.

Before installing a punch press robot, it is necessary to understand the following basic knowledge:

1, the general press is driven by the motor-driven wheel, wheel drive connecting rod, connecting rod linkage linkage work. As long as the punch stroke is greater than 60mm, that is stamping die installed after the upper and lower die spacing of more than 60mm can be installed punch robot.

2, ordinary punch without brake function that there is no brake, you must rotate a cycle to stop. Therefore, in these presses on the installation of punch robot, need to do punch press failure or operational errors crush the robot and mold installation precautions.

3, pneumatic punch itself has an instant stop function, as long as the punch press and punch line with the machine, to avoid damage caused by abnormal operation and the robot may manipulator.

4, press the robot to install, you need to have more than 100mm mechanical arm installation space. General punch press robot installed between the punch and die. But sometimes, because the punch neck space is too small or the mold is too big, the punch manipulator can not install to the mold behind. At this time, we need to punch the robot to the front of the mold, so you need to consider the convenience of replacing the mold.

For the automated production workshop, the production efficiency and safety is essential, we recommend that you choose frequency energy saving can be instantaneous stop precision pneumatic punch to protect the life of the robot.

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